Welcome to Quality Tools!

While quality has many different definitions, it can be considered as the ability of a product or service to meet the needs outlined by the customer, whether that customer be internal or external to the company. When a product or service does not meet the customer's requirements, a quality issue has occurred and a root cause and effective corrective action should be identified as efficiently as possible. This is where our tools can help you and your company to correct that issue.

Here at Quality Tools, we strive to provide people with the necessary utilities to solve any quality issue that may arise. Our first, fully-implemented quality tool is the 5-Why, which can be used to help you identify the root cause of issues and determine an effective corrective action to implement. Of course, the effectiveness of our tools will only be as good as the process that is used during the investigation.

This is why we recommend our tools be used alongside a larger Problem Solving process and Change Management system. There are many different problem solving processes out there such as Ford's 8D©, Motorola's Six Sigma DMAIC©, and Pritchett's Rummler-Brache, but they all follow the same process at their core. This process is the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, also referred to as PDCA.

This website is completely free to use and the tools are functional without signing up. If you would like to utilize functionality such as saving, editing, deleting, and even printing your results in a clean and organized format, you will need to create an account. Your information is stored safely and never shared with or sold to anyone. It is simply used to provide more functionality for you to use.